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My specialty is a fashionable MOJO style pig roast ( seasoned & basted with fruit juice )

Slow Roasted 
 Ribs & a Pig.
(Call for wedding quote)  How I cook and cut Some more.
 I can also use Cherry, Plum, Pear & Apple wood.  All Pigs are Federally Inspected.

The best way to have a fun Pig Roast. (See Cooker) 

2nd for my Beef Brisket in the 2003 Connecticut State barbeque cook-off. 
2nd for Pork Ribs, 3rd for Pulled Pork, 4th Beef Ribs . 2007 Connecticut State barbeque cook-off.
I was Co-Pit Master with a very good friend "Mike" from Yankee BBQ Boys. He's great.

This van I use for vending BBQ. It has 5 sinks, hot & cold running water.
A box Smoker/Oven. A grille and griddle. A 4 bay steam table.
 I'll hook you up.

 Here are a few links to my favorite customers. These soldiers wanted to do a Pig Roast in Kuwait. Another Perfect Pig Roast. Night time function, they told me it was 142 degrees during that day. Some days are great.  (1) (2) (3)

MORE EVENTS and Pig Roast pictures

11/24/2010 Ribs and wings for Pete's crew in Manchester

10/30/2010 Rick had me out to his boat yard in Clinton for a " Pull your boat out " Event

10/23/2010 East Hartford CT. Pete and Moe had me out to help with a food bank fund raiser.

10/16/2010 Ridgefield CT. Meliessa has me out about every three years.
She always kids me and says, " It's the tall people "

10/9/2010 Westbrook CT. Walt had me do his wedding a few years ago.

10/9/2010 Glastonbury CT

10/9/2010 Bethlehem CT

10/2/2010 Rockville CT. Janice Obed & Artie

10/2/2010 Newington CT

10/1/2010 Wethersfield CT. Rained no pictures

9/25/2010 New York , New York ( West side of Greenwich village.)

9/25/2010 Southbury CT

9/19/2010 Deep River CT.

9/18/2010 Alton NH

9/18/2010 Wethersfield CT Obed Artie & Janice

9/13/2010 Updated my Safe Serv again and passed

9/12/2010 Daren CT

9/11/2010 Hampton CT

9/5/2010 Newington CT

9/5/2010 Greene RI

9/4/2010 Litchfield CT, did 2 pigs

8/30/2010 Framingham MA Samba steak & shusi bar

8/28/2010 Simsbury CT

8/28/2010 West Cornwall CT

8/28/2010 Janice Obed and Artie in East Gramby CT

8/25/2010 Hooked up Marty and 150 Firefighters in Newington CT

8/22/2010 Southington CT

8/22/2010 South Hadley MA

8/15/2010  ds.

8/14/2010 Rob called me to arrange food for a double wedding in Berkley MA
What a house and pond. Videos (1) (2)

8/14/2010 Janice, Obed and Artie went to Bloomfield for Ryan's event

8/8/2010 I ran down to Old Greenwich for Chris.
His daughter Kinsey wanted a Pig Roast for Her Birthday. Videos take a bit to open.

8/7/2010 I hooked up Kim in Hamden Connecticut. (1) (2) (3)

8/7/2010 Janice, Obed and Artie went to Manchester at Sherries

8/1/2010 Went to Sleeping Giant in Hamden for Anthony. He put on a great stag for a very good friend Kyle.

7/31/2010 I went to Guilford for John's Pig and Ribs event.

7/31/2010 I also went to Avon later in the day for Monica's pig and sides.

7/31/2010 Janice and Artie went to Stamford for Mike's 100 pound pig.

7/25/2010 I went back to New York again. Gardnier this time with  pig, beef and sides.

7/24/2010 I went to Pawling New York to do a 150 pound pig for Sarah's wedding.

7/24/2010 I sent Janice and Artie to Durham for a 150 pound pig and some of my BBQ'd beef
Jeff and Joann call me every year.

7/21/2010 I went to Wallingford and put on a nice event for ABB.

7/17/2010 I went to Ashland MA and roasted a 120+ pound pig.

7/17/2010 Janice and Artie went to Newington and finished up a pig.

7/11/2010 Went to Meriden and did another 100 pound pig for Steve.
I got a bunch of pictures here of all the Hippies. Just click the Pig Roast pictures here link above.

7/10/2010 Went to Wallingford and roasted a 100 pound Pig for Debbie.

7/4/2010 I went to Narragansett RI, roasted a pig and some chicken. What a ride.

7/2/2010 I roasted a 120 pound pig for a group in Bedford MA.

6/27/2010 Obed and myself went fishing on the sound with Rob.

6/26/2010 Lisa had me put on a graduation event for her daughter in Berlin Connecticut.

6/26/2010 Janice took care of an event in Coventry Connecticut.

6/25/2010 I roasted 2 pigs for the Mystic Marriott event for the HOG

6/19/2010 Janice went up too Franklin MA for this event.

6/19/2010 I roasted a pig for Annemarie in Stony Point New York

6/12/2010 Janice went up to Wellesley MA with Artie.

6/12/2010 We did an event for Jen and her crew in Southbury CT.

6/10/2010 I did a 120 pound pig for Jeff and his construction crew in Westport Connecticut

6/5/2010 Did an event for Comprehensive Child care in MA
Had a little friend show up and I brought one.

5/29/2010 New Milford pictures up soon.

5/28/2010 Pictures up soon, waiting

5/26/2010 We did an event for Wells Fargo. Working on the movie now.
I had an assistant his name is Gage

5/23/2010 I did a graduation event for John at Wesleyan in Middletown Connecticut. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
He knows how to put on a show. Take a look at these videos. (1) (2) (3) (4) Wait a moment they load slow.

5/15/2010 We put on a nice event for Wells Fargo in Farmington Connecticut.
A customer stopped by with his Rolls Royce (1) (2) (3) (4)
Obed and John and his son plus some little guys enjoyed the event.

5/13/2010 We did a nice BBQ event for Dryco in Rocky Hill Connecticut.
I BBQ'd Beef, Pork, MOJO Chicken and some sides.

5/8/2010 A Quaker Hill caterer called me again to do a 151 pound Pig for them. They know who to call when they want it flashy and to taste good.
This catering building is one of the showiest buildings I've worked at in a long time. The owners hooked this old air port hanger up.(.5) (1) (2) (3)
It's a vineyard and the inside is just perfect for a wedding or any affair. Tell Mike Pete The Butcher sent you.

5/1/2010  Peter and his wife knew who to call on this event. Obed took a rest after we setup.
 The crew made some spicy Salsa. Peter had more guests show up later. I understand they're still partying.

4/24/1010 Captain Brian Thomas from the Salvation Army of Stamford had Obed and myself come down and help with the
first annual motorcycle run he put on. A real good time was had by those who ate. Here is a picture of the first rider in.
Plus some more setup pictures. He had me bring the extras to the Boys & Girls club of Stamford.

4/17/2010 Obed and myself did a 147 pound pig for the crew of the USS New Hampshire. I brought a tear to a Hawaiian crew members eye.
   COB (Chief on board) was a cool guy. A few pictures. (one) (two) (three) (four)

9/20/09 Katona New York. John Walsh from Americas most wanted was there.

9/12/2009 We Grand Championed in grilling at the Norwalk Oyster Festival. Obed helped with the double stuffed
Hamburg and came in 1st. We also received 4th in fish and 5th in chicken.
Cooked with a friend Mike. Cooked with him in 2007 in East Hartford for the Connecticut state BBQ championship.
2nd for Pork Ribs, 3rd for Pulled Pork, 4th Beef Ribs .

9/11/2009 Nice start at the Norwalk Oyster festival. We placed 3rd in Iron chef.

8/22/2009 Krazy Keri from Wethersfield CT put on a 40th Birthday party for her husband.
A guest showed up at the Cooker. She had a nice crowd.(1) (2) (3)(4) I heard they partied into the night.
I roasted this for Janice to cut and Obed assisted.

8/22/2009 Jennifer (Steve) from Oxford CT put on this 40th birthday party for her husband Steve. She flew his brothers in from out west.
They showed up about 11:00 PM and had Steve running for his golf club. He was surprised.
Aunt Henry and her daughter showed up at the Cooker along with Nick. Great crowd.

8/15/2009 Cheshire CT Wedding. Tim called me from Germany to help with his wedding. He and his partner
put on a beautiful event. They had a good size crowd (1) (2) (3) (4). Tim and partner eating lucky cheek meat.
 My son Obed had a blast looking at all the old Cars. (1) (2) I roasted this one for Janice to cut, Obed assisted.
Dear Pete, I have been wanting to write you and thank you for your awesome service.  The meat was amazing. It could not have been better.
  The beef was out of sight!  Delicious all around.  Thanks for helping make our day that much better.  Best- Tim
Tim is a tenor in the Leipzig opera house in Germany. People call me from all over the world.

8/15/2009 Jenn from Harwinton CT put on this after Wedding event. Seems they got married and live in Michigan.
Had to set up early for my first event of the day. (we did 3) She had a setting for 24. Here's the happy couple.

8/15/2009 Jamie called for help with his Pleasant Valley CT Wedding. He and his partner made it beautiful.
I met another caterer Rob from Boggey's in Torrington. Good size crowd (1) (2)

7/25/2009 Oxford CT.  Grand Master Charles Ferraro a/k/a Kwan Jhang Nim Charles Ferraro put on this special event for about  200.
After the 14th annual Tang Soo Do National Championship. With all the energy they used they ate good (1)(2)(3)(4) Obed watched the pig.
I'd like to thank Susie for getting me these pictures plus Rick (with cheese) and Steve. Rick had more energy than 10 men setting up.
They had Master Andy Ahpo, who is another Kahuna from California, folks from the Carolinas. People from all over.
Bruce and Barbie stopped by the Cooker along with Craig, Seath and Dillion.
The 2 best things I liked were, cheering the Pig Kahuna and the Grand Master taking care of business. This group was a blast.

7/25/2009 Groton CT. I roasted another pig and sent TJ to cut it. Jennifer had a great crowd and they had a Ball.

7/19/2009 Barbara from West Hartford put on a 70th birthday for her husband Sam. He built this great water garden.

7/18/2009 Sandra put on a graduation party for her daughter Jenn and Tyler, they loved the lucky cheek meat as much as Alyssa and Erin.
Jim stopped by the cooker with Cindy.  Jim told everybody how good it tasted, they picked the head clean of the meat. (1) (2) Paro ate
the ear. Jenn put a crowd of her close friends together for a few shots. (1) (2) (3) I asked a few folks what they thought. (Movie)

7/18/2009 Jane from Cromwell put on a birthday bash for her husband Bryan. I roasted up one for her and TJ cut it.
More pictures up shortly. Jane had the event jumping after we left.

7/15/2009 Stopped to get a sandwich in White Plains NY. We tried the Rosedale Deli. I meet a couple of brothers who made our meal.
It brought a tear to an old meat mans eyes to watch these two brothers operate the deli, true professionals.

7/12/2009 Mike put on a Birthday Pig Roast for his daughters. Just dawned on me they could be twins. They had some lucky cheek meat.
I guess I was the real lucky one. Getting my picture taken with his beautiful daughters. I had an easy set up for cutting.
Mike with a daughter letting us know it's finger licking good. .Then again (1) (2)

7/11/2009 Heading out to do 3 Pig Roasts today. That's TJ to my right. I roasted one for him to do in Higgnam.
I did two, one in Haddam by the Good Speed then one at Shuttle Meadow country club.
Plus the one on the 10th & 12th, makes 5 for the week. Kenny gets me going with his coffee and smile.

7/11/2009 Here's an event at Andrews Marina. Dave and his daughter had a nice crowd. His wife is in blue.
Collin's the little guy with just his head showing. I gave him some cards to pass out. He's now my marketing department. He loved the Pork.
Mom and Daughter with some friends. I found out later the one on the right was Miss. Hooters. Her husband owns a few in Connecticut.
Dave had this Posse down by the water. Shelly wanted to practice for the Pig Roast Bikini contest. (1) (2) (3)

7/11/2009 Here's a few shots of the family function TJ did in Higgnam. (1)

7/11/2009 Shuttle Meadow Country Club again. Larry has a very professional staff, always handling every event with a smile. (1) (2) (3)

7/10/2009 Eric (Ziggy) is back again this year. He had his yearly bash with a European group. We got his Pig Roast MOJO working again.
He had a beautiful girl from France there. Plus her boy friend and his friend. A couple of lovely Bosnian ladies. Denis and John.
He even had a young couple in love along with his great Mom. Lets not forget Wayne with his British accent and another guest.
He holds this event at his friends Bella and Denis's home with a wicked tight driveway. I cant send anybody else. Yahoo!

7/4/2009 Dave and Amy (2) had a tight squeeze reception at a friends home who was with the Massachusetts State Police.
Nice looking crowd and backyard. Me passing Dave the Pig Roast cheek meat. The other piece went to Amy's Dad.
Dave and his posse were asking how I did the smoked chicken. Best I could do. (Movie)

6/28/2009 Kevin hooked up his daughter with a graduation Pig Roast. Here's a nice family shot plus Eddie.
 While Kelly eats Lucky cheek meat (2). Colin say's it all (finger licking good). Me with a few samples.
VooDoo  the Boa stopped by (2). Along with Julie & Grand MaKati and Ashley don't forget Nana.
He's got a great spot for the crowd on a 100 acre lake. They were swinging down by the lake (1) (2) (3) (4)

6/27/2009 Nice graduation in Newington. Terri Hooked the graduate up.
Mom and Nick having piece of Lucky cheek meat.
They had two little people there. One dancing and the other, just got done eating Pig Roast.

6/25/2009 Project graduation Rocky Hill. They had me out late that evening. The Principle and his posse showed up by cookers.
Maribeth Blonski, Artist Extraordinaire along with Jeff from Pralines had some fun that night. The band was

6/24/2009 Amabel is a multitasking women who's just amazing, she did 3 parties while I was there. First a Birthday party for kids.
Then a graduation party for her son Henry who had a few other graduates there, eating and having fun.
Her Moms hand was there, quite an amazing women, she reads palms plus a stock broker. Lovely lady.
Amabel has a unique business on RT-7 north on the left. Statues and things. Cool items.

6/21/2009 Obed helped me setup this Orange CT couple. They had a beautiful garden in the back yard (Movie)
 Their cake baking Mom and daughter were there along with Jack and their Dad.
Obed my apprentice son was grilling up a storm. Someone thought up a great decoration. (Movie)

6/20/2009 Pig Roast. Mike and Nick, Nick wants to play for the Patriots. Great arm Nick. Then we have Alex the graduate and her Mom
Andre and partner had the place jumping after they all ate.
As always their was a nice crowd. Alex had some friends over.
She had Magnificent Madison, Beautiful Britt, Big Tom and Leland, Happy HaleyKayla and John
Katie and Alex, Gabby, Marvelous Mary Lou and Mom.
Obed got a chance to do some cutting of the Pig. I think he's looking for a promotion and be a Kahuna.

6/20/2009 TJ and Janice too care of Julianne in Nothford. Seems Julianne and her Hubby were having a ball with her posse.
Here's another couple along with a nice set up. The crowd was watching something here. TJ is turning into a basting master.

6/14/2009 We did a Pig Roast 11 minutes from the secret locationDennis put on a birthday Pig Roast for his wife Deb.
They had a blast with the birthday girl and Dennis eating the cheek meat and Tony grilling in the back round.
They had a pig and a smoking pig. Obed my apprentice son got into the action. Nice crowd.

6/13/2009 Nan put on a Pig Roast Birthday party for her husband John. TJ was chilling next to the Pig. We got a nice crowd by the cooker
for a little cutting demo and tasting. Kate Lyn was our beautiful tray runner and her friend sweet Nina was passing out Leis.
Nan had a couple guest with a sense of humor (1) (2). Nan put on a nice spread on the Tennis court.

6/12/2009 This company throws a BBQ in the summer every year. A few people making sure the Beer and Wine were cold.
Obed is admiring 18 racks of St. Louis ribs and some Chicken in the Cookers he cleaned on the 10th.
Janice made Cornbread, Beans, Cole Slaw and her famous Potato salad. I also did a mean piece of  pulled BBQ beef.

6/!0/2009 Obed my son is on the job. If you look here you'll see why the Cookers are always clean.

6/6/2009 Early Wedding. Karen and Bill got married (1) (2) down by the pond with some beautiful flowers.
The minister did a great job. They had a Spiderman blow up and a gift table with pigs. Plus Gabrielle and Barry were there.

6/6/2009 A little latter in the day I did a Graduation party for Tim. They had me setup under a nice shade tree.
Tim, Jay and Mom stopped by the cookers just after Tim and his brother stopped by. Tim and the Ladies.
I liked Tim's little brother, he told me he wanted to be a scientist. After talking to him a bit, My monies on him.
They had a great crowd along with a picture taking couple (2) plus a Blues Brothers guy in a BBQ shirt. Nice deck.

6/5/2009 We did a Golf tournament for Shuttle Meadow Country Club. The Pro stopped by also the
assistant Pro along with George the Chef and his kitchen crew.

6/4/2009 Dario knows how to have a 50 years in business party. He had the Patriots cheerleaders there along with Sandy,
Danny was also there along with 2 guys that I asked their names but forgot. He had a nice crowd show up(1) (2) (3).
The Patriot cheerleaders making a couple of guys smile plus one of the Butcher with the girlsAldo served up the pig. Their web site.


5/31/2009 Had an early setup in Watertown Ct. Ron's daughter got hooked up by Dad.
The Balloon Lady from Waterbury did some nice arrangements for the crowd

5/30/2009 Brady asked for a special graduation party. His posse was there along with some cute friends and
Mike from M.T.S. Builders. He told me built all the homes on the street. Nice looking backyard (1) (2)

5/24/2009 Tracy & Matt had a special event for their brothers who were in town for a Lacrosse play off.
They had a lot of little guys there.(2) While I was roasting in the street. (2)

5/23/2009 Katie, Matt and Mason (The Birthday Boy) had a Birthday party.
They held it at Katie's fathers house with some friends.
TJ my Chef went with me on this one. He's almost as good as me.
We had the MOJO working. (Quick Time file)

5/16/2009 Just got back from doing a graduation Pig Roast event in Burlington Ct.
I have to applaud the graduate, He's 16 years old and graduated collage already. I understand
his sister is 14 and will be a sophomore in collage next year. Alicia & Andy plus their family.
They had some friends and a group shot by Cooker They had a beautiful waterfall in the back yard.

5/9/2009 We went to Middletown New York for Donna's birthday, a Pig Roast event.
Stuart & Donna had their children and some friends and family stop by.
Obed, my apprentice missed out on a big ramp they had in the backyard.

Easter Sunday 2009. Did a roast for a group of people from East Berlin CT.
Very windy that day and I'd like to thank Peter & his son for the wind block.
Have to fix the date on my camera.

These soldiers wanted to do a Pig Roast in Kuwait. Another Perfect Pig Roast.
Night time function, they told me it was 142 degrees during that day. Some days are great.  (1) (2) (3)

If I remember, this customer had 8 cousins come over from Italy and did a Pig Roast for them.
He owns a piece of land on a inlet in Milford they use for parties & Dock.
Here's part of the group, beautiful Italian ladies

Here we received some recognition from The Street. COM

These folks had a beach house, in Milford   The family was trying to tell me something here.
 Another fun Pig Roast, Obed my apprentice (son) (1) (2) made sure the Boss was happy.

Joann & Jeff booked a year in advance. Every year Joann wears this apron that seems to have everything we need.
They have their event for girl friends and guests and put up this water ride. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Up the hill for early setup gets their MOJO working every year.

Can't forget Eric (Ziggy) and his group from New Britain

Had a couple of Pigs going at night here. I'm not sure who's (1) (2)
Had some MOJO Chicken working here

We did a Pig Roast & Beef plus sides for P. G. Pepper Construction.
They were doing a fund raiser for over 200 great people.
They let us park the Cookers inside. Bad snow again that day. THANK YOU !!
A couple of early birds showed up. Janice (my Mrs.) did some cutting that day.

Here's an event we did for KAZ Equipment. This place got packed with people.
These guys have just about any piece of heavy equipment you'll ever need.
Have to say thanks to Shelly for getting this customer appreciation show going for these Pro's

Can't forget the Newington Fire Department. (1) (2) They call me every couple years.
I love it when Jeff tells me "we could probably do it cheaper, but your the best" Thanks Jeff.
I think it's the BBQ Beef/Pork Bark I put out for them when I'm setting up, plus the large Hot Dogs that snap.
They had a ride this year. One happy camper showed up early plus some old timers. Thanks for keeping us safe.

Here's a Pig Roast we've done the last few years. Anne & Martin in North Cornwall always
put on a event for friends and family. They have a beautiful home looking down on the hills of Kent Ct.
This year they brought in a Reggae band called Profile Band ( listen here )

Drove back to Kent the next day for this Pig Roast at "High Watch Recovery Center".
From what I understand this was the first Alcoholic treatment center in the United States.
They had a speaker there that day who started AA in Russia. In Russia they call him "Pappa Lou"

7/22/2008 Just got back from South Carolina with new Stainless Steel Cookers.
This cooker placed in competition already. A sweet machine.

10/11/09 Ellie had hers at J.B. Williams park Glastonbury CT

10/04/09 Deep River CT again

10/04/09 Devils Hop Yard

10/03/09 Deep River CT

10/03/09 Elise and her friends from Hartford Police department in East Hartford CT

9/26/09 Rocky Hill CT 5:00 PM

9/26/09 West Cornwall CT 2:00 PM

9/25/09 Unionville CT

9/18/09 Wallingford CT in the AM

9/18/09 Willimantic CT in the PM

9/17/09 South Boston, had a fun time here

8/14/2009 Branford CT Birthday

8/8/2009 Newington CT

8/8/2009 Westbrook CT wedding

8/1/2009 Southbury CT

8/1/2009 Plainville CT

7/31/2009 Woodbridge CT

7/26/2009 Shelton Indian wells

Some times I just don't have time for up loading all the pictures.
But they do get up here. One way or another